It all starts with a dream ! ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐ŸŽ“

Three years ago, I had the dream of pursuing my Master’s degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. At that time, I had no idea how I would make this dream come true. All I had was unwavering faith and the willingness to work hard towards my dream. Along with hard work and dedication, things worked out in my favor. I cried in joy when I received my admit which read that only 11 students were selected among hundreds of applicants from all over the world. With courage and faith, I flew halfway across the world to pursue my degree from my dream university.

Miles away from home!
This post is about my Graduation Day, the day that gave me immense satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment. Graduation day in Stony Brook University is celebrated with an all red theme in which the graduation gowns and caps are also in red. There is an atmosphere of celebration and joy all over the campus. Graduating students bring their families and friends from all over the world to celebrate the joy of graduating.

There are typically two ceremonies that a graduating student attends. First one is the Main Ceremony where all the graduating students assemble in a large stadium. The President of the University addresses the students and awards the honorary degrees to the selected recipients. The second ceremony is the departmental ceremony held by the respective departments where the degrees are handed over to each student on the stage (in my case, it was the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences).

Tickets for the Main and Departmental Ceremony
We were given a booklet containing information about the commencement (schedule of events, names of the graduating students etc).

Commencement Booklet
On the way to the ceremony
The Main Ceremony was held the the Kenneth P Lavelle Stadium at 11 am. There was a long queue to enter the stadium. We entered the stadium following the procession which was playing the Spirit of Stony Brook and remained seated for the majority of the ceremony.

Standing in the line calls for a selfie !
Entering the Stadium
Before the ceremony
Honorary doctorates were awarded to Prince Emmanuel De Meriden (anthropologist and conservationist), Michael J. Fox (international film star) and Jonathan Oringer (founder and CEO of Shutterstock).

Following this, President Stanley announced the conferral of our degrees. We sang the Stony Brook Alma Mater song in unison.

End of the Ceremony !
Stony Brook Alma Mater song
As soon as the Main Ceremony was over, we headed to the IFCU Arena for the departmental ceremony. There was a procession followed by which we entered the arena with our respective departments guided by the Grand Marshal.

โ€‹Biomedical Engineering students were called upon first to receive their degrees. I received my degree from Dr. Clinton Rubin who is the Chair of my department. The video below shows my walking up to the stage to receive the degree. 


The video below shows the tossing of the caps towards the end of the ceremony.

โ€‹After the ceremony, we headed to the nearby lawn where we had a group photo with the department and clicked photos with friends and family.

Biomedical Engineering Graduates of 2017 (Credits: SBU BME Facebook Page)

Friends like family !
Favorites !
The cheering squad !
After the photo session, we all headed home to cut the cake baked by Niv for all of us (I helped too ๐Ÿ˜›). It was a two tier cake made with white chocolate mousse and chocolate base which took two days to bake !

Happy Graduation to Us !
After the celebrations came the hard part for me where I had to pack up and check out of my Chapin apartment. This apartment was my home for the last two years. I will always cherish the beautiful memories I made here with the best people who are now like family.

My Room in K1162
Countless memories – K1162
grad photo
The tassel was worth the hassle !
The two years I spent for my Master’s at Stony Brook gave me more than just a degree. It was an experience of a lifetime !

Photo & Video Credits- Bharath Venkatesh and Ashish Kulkarni


Studious Saturday!

Weekends are hardly free for a grad student. I had to get some studying done today as I have exams next week.
I woke up, quickly showered, had breakfast and headed to the library. I decided to go to Melville Library which is the main library on campus. I had to take a bus from Chapin bus stop to get to the library. Clicked these pics while I walked to the bus stop.

Love the red leaves ! ๐Ÿ‚
Yellow flowers are always pretty !
Chapin bus stop
I got down at the Admin block and clicked a few pics as I walked to the library.

I love this hoarding !
Flowers in the lawn near Staller Center
Melville Library
Melville Library is one of the many libraries on Campus. It has three libraries within, called Main Stacks, North Reading Room and Central Reading Room. North is my favorite. I used to work in the library last semester as a Graduate Supervisor. I have fond memories in this place where I met and worked with some amazing people.

Art work in North Reading Room
I went to the upper floor of the library and found an amazing and unique seat to study. When I used to work here, my manager Rick would call these the “Business Class seats” ! You want to know why ? See the pic below !

Business Class Seat !
These desks have a separate compartment which gives you privacy. On top of this, they have a lamp and foot rest too ! You should be extremely lucky or arrive early to sit here as these are always in demand. There are only about 6 seats of this kind in the library.

The library closes at 6 PM on Saturdays. When I used to work there, it was always hard to close on time as some people would refuse to leave until it was 5.59 PM. After people leave, we have closing procedures to do which take about 15 mins. We are always supposed to close on time which didn’t happen. So, when I was the supervisor I came up with a plan. I used to inform all the people that we were scheduled to close at 5.30 sharp though the actual closing time was 6 PM. We would start the closing procedures by 5.40 and the library would be closed at exactly 6 PM ! My boss was happy with this and helped us in sending people out sooner than scheduled. Haha.

When I was studying today, the new librarian girl came to everyone and informed that they were closing at 5.30 PM. For a moment, I wondered why they were closing early today. And then it struck me !!! It was me who started this practice !๐Ÿ˜›

I promptly left my favorite business seat and headed home.

While I was walking home, I kept smiling as I saw beautiful blossoms everywhere. After seeing barren trees for months, this gave me so much happiness.

I just HAD to click a picture of these beauties in front of my apartment. It feels so good that Spring is finally here !

Flowers outside my apartment

Sunshine and blossomsย 

I will be graduating in a month from my university in Stony Brook. Hence, the first few posts will be about my every day life at Stony Brook.

I woke up late today (which has become more of a routine) as I stay up till 3 am most nights. The weather was a brilliant 25 degrees centigrade today ! So decided to take a walk in the university. Took the bus from Chapin to admin block and walked among the beautiful Cherry Blossom trees. 

Pretty pink flowers ๐ŸŒธ
Cherry Blossoms
So refreshing !
More blossoms ๐ŸŒธ
Pink trees everywhere
Yellow flowers are always pretty! ๐ŸŒผ
I walked towards Wang Center and was amazed by it. I was wondering why I hadn’t come here more often. 

Indoor fountain at Wang Center
Beautiful corners, Wang Center
Celebrating diversity, Wang Center

I walked towards Jasmine, the Asian restaurant on the second floor. I wanted to have samosas but I thought I’ll go around and check out if there is anything interesting. And then I saw an outlet with cakes, bubble tea and macaroons ! I hadn’t eaten a macaroon before. So I bought a white chocolate flavored macaroon. 
White chocolate macaroon at Jasmine
It was so yummy ๐Ÿ˜‹ I headed towards SAC to catch the bus back home. On the way, I spotted beautiful flowers everywhere. 

Flowers near SAC
Pretty hues ๐ŸŒธ

I came home and cooked pasta for dinner.

This was a good day !

Fountain near admin circle