Hey there ! 

My name is Medha Bharadwaj. I am from Bangalore, India and I currently live in Stony Brook, New York. Two years ago, I took the challenging decision of leaving the comforts of my home to pursue my Master’s degree from a university in a country located halfway across the world. 

The past few years were challenging for me from every aspect. But now when I look back, I see only the beautiful times and happy memories I made along the way. 

This is when I realized that no matter how hard you may think your life is, there are always reasons to smile. It is often in the simplest of things that we find joy. 

Why do I blog ?

I blog for you. Yes, YOU !

I blog to share with you the happiness I find in trivial things. By doing so, I also learn to look for happiness everywhere I go. 

Always know that there are reasons for you to be happy. Don’t compare yourself with others. Ever ! 

No matter who you are or what you do, I want to make you smile and remind you to look for happy things around you. 

How I blog ?

I usually blog from my phone late at night (read 3 am) just before I fall asleep. Hence, this blog is going to be informal and may have a few errors here and there !

Welcome to my blog !