Weekend in NYC-Part 1

I live about two hours away from New York City (NYC). I had a week’s break from classes and wanted to make good use of it. Hence, I decided to visit my friend P who lives in Brooklyn. We made plans to explore the city.

I had to take the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) from Stony Brook to reach Penn Station, NYC with a connection in Huntington. I left on Friday afternoon and reached the city by evening.

LIRR train station at Stony Brook
I took the subway to reach my friend’s apartment in Brooklyn. We went for a walk nearby to the 69th Street Pier. Though it was cold, it was a calm and peaceful evening.

Sunset at 69th Street Pier, Brooklyn
P is one of my close friends from my undergrad days at BMSCE, Bangalore. The 69th Street Pier is the place where we meet to reminisce our good old days and have our conversations about every topic ranging from mundane everyday things to deep philosophical ideas. I will always cherish the beautiful memories and meaningful conversations I have had in this Pier.

Though I had been in New York for 1.5 years, I had not visited the Statue of Liberty as it would take half a day for the visit and I never seemed to have time for it. When I realized my graduation date was getting closer, I decided to make time to visit this monument. Hence, we went to visit the Statue of Liberty on Saturday morning.

Statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island. We had to take the ferry from Battery Park to reach the island. Along with the long queue, there was airport kind of security where we had to remove our jackets and shoes along with screening our bags. All along we hoped that the statue would be worth the time and effort !

In Battery Park, there is a sculpture known as The Sphere. This was originally located near the World Trade Center towers before the attack. The Sphere is structurally intact even after the attack but the damage is visible on the outside.

The Sphere, Battery Park
Miss Ellis Island, the ferry
The ferry had three floors and we chose to sit on the topmost floor which was open-air. The ride was enjoyable and we reached the island after 40 minutes.

Statue of Liberty is tall and HUGE and it was definitely worth it !

The Statue of Liberty !
It was hard to get this in one frame !
Paid a few cents to take a closer look at the Manhattan skyline
At the shores of Liberty Island
The ferry made a stop at Ellis Island (which has a historical significance for immigrants who came by ships) before reaching Battery Park.


Ellis Island
While we were leaving the park, P spotted a fancy looking place and wanted to go there. As we walked closer, we realized it was a carousel (with an underwater theme). P wanted to embrace the child within and dragged me to take a ride in the carousel πŸ˜„


Battery Park, NYC
The fancy carousel place

Underwater themed carousel
Embracing the child within πŸ˜„


It was a happy morning! 


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