Studious Saturday!

Weekends are hardly free for a grad student. I had to get some studying done today as I have exams next week.
I woke up, quickly showered, had breakfast and headed to the library. I decided to go to Melville Library which is the main library on campus. I had to take a bus from Chapin bus stop to get to the library. Clicked these pics while I walked to the bus stop.

Love the red leaves ! 🍂
Yellow flowers are always pretty !
Chapin bus stop
I got down at the Admin block and clicked a few pics as I walked to the library.

I love this hoarding !
Flowers in the lawn near Staller Center
Melville Library
Melville Library is one of the many libraries on Campus. It has three libraries within, called Main Stacks, North Reading Room and Central Reading Room. North is my favorite. I used to work in the library last semester as a Graduate Supervisor. I have fond memories in this place where I met and worked with some amazing people.

Art work in North Reading Room
I went to the upper floor of the library and found an amazing and unique seat to study. When I used to work here, my manager Rick would call these the “Business Class seats” ! You want to know why ? See the pic below !

Business Class Seat !
These desks have a separate compartment which gives you privacy. On top of this, they have a lamp and foot rest too ! You should be extremely lucky or arrive early to sit here as these are always in demand. There are only about 6 seats of this kind in the library.

The library closes at 6 PM on Saturdays. When I used to work there, it was always hard to close on time as some people would refuse to leave until it was 5.59 PM. After people leave, we have closing procedures to do which take about 15 mins. We are always supposed to close on time which didn’t happen. So, when I was the supervisor I came up with a plan. I used to inform all the people that we were scheduled to close at 5.30 sharp though the actual closing time was 6 PM. We would start the closing procedures by 5.40 and the library would be closed at exactly 6 PM ! My boss was happy with this and helped us in sending people out sooner than scheduled. Haha.

When I was studying today, the new librarian girl came to everyone and informed that they were closing at 5.30 PM. For a moment, I wondered why they were closing early today. And then it struck me !!! It was me who started this practice !😛

I promptly left my favorite business seat and headed home.

While I was walking home, I kept smiling as I saw beautiful blossoms everywhere. After seeing barren trees for months, this gave me so much happiness.

I just HAD to click a picture of these beauties in front of my apartment. It feels so good that Spring is finally here !

Flowers outside my apartment

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