Sunshine and blossoms 

I will be graduating in a month from my university in Stony Brook. Hence, the first few posts will be about my every day life at Stony Brook.

I woke up late today (which has become more of a routine) as I stay up till 3 am most nights. The weather was a brilliant 25 degrees centigrade today ! So decided to take a walk in the university. Took the bus from Chapin to admin block and walked among the beautiful Cherry Blossom trees. 

Pretty pink flowers 🌸
Cherry Blossoms
So refreshing !
More blossoms 🌸
Pink trees everywhere
Yellow flowers are always pretty! 🌼
I walked towards Wang Center and was amazed by it. I was wondering why I hadn’t come here more often. 

Indoor fountain at Wang Center
Beautiful corners, Wang Center
Celebrating diversity, Wang Center

I walked towards Jasmine, the Asian restaurant on the second floor. I wanted to have samosas but I thought I’ll go around and check out if there is anything interesting. And then I saw an outlet with cakes, bubble tea and macaroons ! I hadn’t eaten a macaroon before. So I bought a white chocolate flavored macaroon. 
White chocolate macaroon at Jasmine
It was so yummy 😋 I headed towards SAC to catch the bus back home. On the way, I spotted beautiful flowers everywhere. 

Flowers near SAC
Pretty hues 🌸

I came home and cooked pasta for dinner.

This was a good day !

Fountain near admin circle


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